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Production closed for August.

PLEASE NOTE! The Doodad and Fandango studio is on hiatus from 6th – 27th of August while we work and vacay in Japan. You can still make orders in the shop, but they will be PRE-ORDERS and work will not start on them until the 27th of August.

PLEASE CONTACT us with any questions you may have about this.


Step into your new plastique life.

Doodad and Fandango is a pop art accessories label designed and hand assembled by Nikita Margarita in Sydney, Australia. Nikita has been enamoured with the world of wearable art and craft since arriving in Japan in the late nineties and finding herself smack bang in the middle of a street fashion explosion. Inspired by the Harajuku kids wild and theatrical DIY fashion expression, she returned to Sydney to study fashion design, shoe making and jewellery and object design and immerse herself in the world of performance, styling and art + craft. Read more…

latest collections

Bobby Pins.

A collab with
Bobby Larson.

Doodad + Fandango  has teamed up with cult illustrator Bobby Larson to create a capsule collection drawn from Bobby’s iconic characters. Bobby is heavily influenced by the female singers of the 1950s & 1960’s,  nudie magazines, vintage valentines,  rodeo queens, and her grandmother Rita. She’s a Colombiana Barbie and real life Betty Cooper. COLLECTION AVAILABLE NOW!

latest collections

Bird Lyf.

A collab with
Green Peas for Breakfast.

Doodad + Fandango  has teamed up with celebrated design house  Green Peas for Breakfast to create BIRD LYF, a collection of bold Art Deco-inspired earrings that capture four iconic birds from across the globe – the Galah, Cockatoo, Lovebird, and Toucan. Kitsch Australiana meets high fashion glamour in these highly collectible statement pieces that will not be caged.

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