Doppelgänger earrings

A Doodad And Fandango specialty!


Astound your friends and have yourself made into the ultimate custom accessory! The Doppelgänger earrings are a truly unique gift for yourself or a friend.

The DOPPELGANGER earrings are $150 for the pair. Postage is extra for outside of Australia. 

With the DOPPLEGANGER earrings it really helps if the subject has a definite ‘look’.  You don’t have to be totally out there or anything, but if you have a signature style and you can provide a few photos with some guidance about your vibe then it works really well!

You will be emailed a first draft of the design based on reference you have sent, and you then have the opportunity to make changes before they are cut to order.

PLEASE NOTE!!! The current turnaround time on Doppelgangers and custom orders is around 8 weeks. Feel free to make contact by email, and be prepared with plenty of reference and a realistic deadline.

Cost includes postage within Australia. International orders are charged postage at the usual rates.


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