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You think you (or a pal) is iconic? Well I agree! And what better way to celebrate your fabulousness than with a pair of DOPPELGANGER DOODAD earrings!

Nikita will work with you to create a pair of lookalike earrings, this process can take a while – it’s not immediate – but you will be kept updated on the progress every step of the way

  • How it works is after you have made your purchase please respond to the notification email with reference photos, the more the merrier, along with specific desires you might have for them eg you (or your subject!) want to be wearing a particular pair of glasses or you always do your hair a certain way etc etc. The BEST doodads are the ones where the subject has a strong look!
  • PLEASE keep in mind it’s a cartoonish representation, and it’s not going to look EXACTLY like you (OR THE SUBJECT), it’s all about capturing your/their essence! (And NO NIKITA DOES NOT DO PET PORTRAITS!)
  • You get a chance to make changes/suggestions after Nikita designs the first draft, please keep in mind that she doesn’t  have a whole lot of time for multiple edits.. For this reason the more information and photos you can give me the better from the get go. Be as specific as possible right from the start please.
  • Yes, you can have your doppelgänger Doodad in brooch, necklace or bolo tie form if you prefer, price  remains the same.
  • Nikita tends to work BIG in order to get as much detail in there as possible, with the inlay technique fine detail is tricky, if you don’t want BIG just let her know and she can try to simplify the design.
  • Subtleties in skin and hair colour can be an issue due to the limited range of acrylic colours, please keep this is mind as we might not be able to match the subject’s exactly. If this could be an issue with your design please get in touch before placing an order and Nikita can show you examples.
  • All designs (including draft and final edits) remain the property of Nikita – Doodad + Fandango.

Yes! We do clip ons. Please check the box below if you’d like clip ons.

NB: Please be very aware that this process can take a while to complete, so if you are in a hurry perhaps it’s better not to purchase. Doodad + Fandango is run solely by me (Nikita) and I design and make everything myself to order – consider this a slow fashion accessory process!


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